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MONEY, MUSCLE, CANCER. In the future they all have one corporation in common.



Too bad it may cost you more than money.


What if you could buy ripped pecks and rock-hard abs along with your gallon of ice cream and pack of Oreos?


What if you could receive the benefits of someone else's workout?

That's the promise of Transfusion Inc, a trillion dollar company who offers heath instead of health plans.


Anstead Miller is more than happy to get paid to exercise for someone else...until he learns it's not just muscle the company is trading.


When the rich are able to force their cancers on the poor, Anstead discovers he may already be a victim.


From there he's pulled into a world of deception, murder, and corporate greed, where even the happiest ending may lead him to an early grave.


Transfused is a nail-biting sci-fi thriller in the vein of Andy Weir, Blake Crouch, and Michael Crichton, that tackles the question of what happens when corporate giants start choosing who lives and who dies.

Transfused: A Sci-fi Thriller Paperback

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