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Want to become a superhero?


Well, it takes more than just brute strength and a radioactive spider to get you to the top of the superhero world.


You need knowledge of science, mechanics, physics, and even design if you want to stand beside your favorite hero during their next team-up.


Now you can get that knowledge and become the superhero you've always wanted to be!


Science for Superheroes takes all the principles you'll need and lays them out one by one. Easily understandable and fun for all ages, Science for Superheroes teaches different scientific and mechanical fundamentals, all with an eye toward kids who want more than just definitions and numbers. These would-be heroes will be able to learn and grow in ways they never expected...


And maybe become the superhero they've always dreamed of becoming!


Science for Superheroes is a collaboration between authors Steven Heumann and Palmer Hawkins, including original artwork from both creators!


"I liked the Laws of Motion. I didn't know about those and I thought they were cool. I didn't know Superman had to worry about stuff like that."  - Sam (9-year- old)


"For the first time my daughter actually wanted to learn about science. When she got to the costume design section and how to build a superhero lair, she flipped out!"   - Debbie (mother of four)

Science for Superheroes eBook (Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, and Kobo)

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