Greatest actor in Hollywood...Biggest disappointment in the universe!

Gavin Baller is about to learn that both those statements are 100% true. His Walk of Fame star can't save him now!


Aliens are chasing Gavin through Los Angeles and he might not survive long enough to sell the movie rights. Add some sewage to the mix and he's having a very bad day.

With his estranged best friend and a beautiful protector in tow, Gavin has to become the hero he's always pretended to be.

Can he escape and return to his celebrity lifestyle? More importantly, will he even want to?

What’s an egotistical actor to do?

If you enjoy Ernest Cline, Douglas Adams or Andy Weir, you'll LOVE Gavin Baller! Grab your copy of this unexpected and hilarious novel today! You won't be able to put it down!


‘A self-absorbed actor in space? I don't usually go for sci-fi, but this one had me from the first page!’ - R.M.
‘Hilarious, thoughtful, and action-packed, Gavin Baller delivers. More please!’ - M.J

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