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A Sci-fi Fantasy

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"Steven Heumann's newest novel is a dream-trip that bridges sci-fi and fantasy!"

Abbie Kinder fights predators in other people's nightmares; too bad she can't remember her enemies when she wakes up.

As an artist stuck in a dead-end design job, Abbie feels life is one unending series of disappointments. When a doctor arrives at her office with detailed sketches of her, alleging they were drawn by a catatonic man in his hospital, Abbie begins to discover there is more to consciousness than what we see and experience physically.

After an attack in her apartment, Abbie is rescued by Vincent, an attractive enigma who claims she is a protector in humanity's shared dream space. Though she can't remember while awake, Abbie has knowledge in the dream that powerful men desperately want, and they'll go so far as to kill for it.

Her conscious and subconscious minds struggle for control between realms of fantasy and depressing reality. Abbie quickly learns there are more dangers than she ever realized, and one of them may be sleeping right next to her.

Dreamforgers is a high-concept sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, merging shared consciousness with the twists of a taut thriller.

It's time for you to enter a world of pure creation!

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