A bit of mystery, some suspense, and a little sci-fi thrown in for good measure. If you need to escape to worlds distant, right next door, or within the boundaries of your own mind, get ready for a trip that will keep you guessing!



The bigger the hero, the bigger the lie.

Stewart Mitchell is a nobody, until he witnesses a terrorist attack that changes the world. Right place right time, or did someone want him in the heat of the explosions?

Who's pulling his strings? Who wants retribution?

Each choice Stewart makes leads him deeper into a world of fake heroes and villains. The road to hell? Stewart's paving it as fast as he can. Get ready for a superhero thriller where the good guys don't stand a chance.

The hunt for Retribution is on! You’ll love Paper Heroes. Pick up your copy today!



What's an egotistical actor to do when hunted by aliens?

Gavin doesn't know, but he's about to learn running away doesn't work!

Immerse yourself in the phenomenon with the first collected edition of the Gavin Baller Trilogy. Join Hollywood's biggest star as he discovers a universe that episodes of Star Trek never prepared him for!


Get ready for triumph, tragedy, and adventure all wrapped up in a hilarious bow.

Includes Gavin Baller Book 1: Hollywood Clone, Book 2: Empty Universe, and Book 3: Galactic Kingpin.

Station Zarahemla: A Book of Mormon Sci-Fi Story



One sneak attack on the very heart of the galaxy turns a space station full of families into ground zero for war. Veteran-turned-lawyer Helaman must make a stand to save his wife and kids, along with everyone else on the station.

Invading soldiers want him dead. Local politicians are out to undermine him. Can he hold things off long enough for the fleet to arrive, or will his efforts just get more people killed?

It’s time to stand up for what you believe.

Station Zarahemla takes a historical tale of South American intrigue and gives it a science fiction twist. It’s a page-turner that won’t disappoint. Pick it up today!

Conscious in Wonderland


It’s time for a hit from a cognitive crack pipe.


When Alice joins her boyfriend's university experiment in shared consciousness, she discovers a world where thoughts are reality and concepts are smells.


Her scientific brain is soon overwhelmed by the presence of other people, some dreaming, others hunting. Can she escape, or will her desire for knowledge be crushed beneath the drug-rush from a sea of emotions? And that's before her boyfriend throws his mind into the mix.


'Conscious in Wonderland' is a short story that will take you down the rabbit hole like never before, leaving you questioning your perceptions of the world

Jaxon and the Perpetual Nano-Plant


Nature is beautiful...until it tries to eat you.


Jaxon is just your average janitor, but when he's caught in the crossfire between advanced science and terrorism, he ends up running for his life and watching the world around him get swallowed whole.


Mother Nature takes revenge, and Jaxon has nowhere to go!


'Horror and Science Fiction meet in this pulse-pounding tale of the environmental revenge.' - MJ REVIEWS

Greatest actor in Hollywood...Biggest disappointment in the universe!

Gavin Baller is about to learn that one of those statements is 100% true. And not the one he thinks!

Aliens are chasing him through Los Angeles and Gavin might not survive long enough to sell the movie rights. Add some sewage to the mix and he's having a very bad day.

With his estranged best friend and a beautiful protector in tow, Gavin has to become the hero he always pretended to be.

Can he escape and return to his celebrity lifestyle? More importantly, will he even want to?

What’s an egotistical actor to do?

If you enjoy Ernest Cline, Douglas Adams or Andy Weir, you'll LOVE Gavin Baller! Grab your copy of this unexpected and hilarious novel today! You won't be able to put it down!


Enjoy all the intrigue, suspense, and deception of Paper Heroes with the artwork from the creation of the novel.

The Special Edition includes character designs, unused covers, and pieces of artwork that will change how you experience the novel and connect with the characters involved.

Created specifically with fans in mind, the Paper Heroes: SPECIAL EDITION is a must-own for any fan of the novel or lover of Steven Heumann's writing.

Pick it up today and dive in!

Educating Mom Comic Compilation

From the mind of prolific author and satirist Crystal Liechty, and the comic stylings of Steven Heumann, get ready to jump into the world of Educating Mom!

This thoughtful and hilarious look at family, home schooling, and the perils of having children as intelligent and forceful as you are, delves deep and honestly into life in the 21st Century.

You'll laugh, tear up, and even learn a thing or two.


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