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Steven spent his childhood recording stories into his sister's tape deck until she took it away in a huff.

Even so, he wouldn't be stopped.

After 15 years working as a writer and director in the television industry, he left it all behind to become a full-time novelist...with a wife and six kids.


It may sound crazy, but that's who you're dealing with here. He's since written and published five full-length contemporary science fiction books and five short stories, including Nightingale, featured in Immortal Work's Of Fae and Fate.

Steven Heumann, founder of Super Heumann Creative graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in broadcasting and immediately put it to good use. He began working as a freelance writer for television production house Chadwick Booth and Company and worked his way up to Senior Producer. Working in this position allowed Steve to oversee the creation of a new half-hour program every week, one of the most demanding workloads in television. This gave him the opportunity to write extensively, edit, film, and even host in front of the camera for many years, honing his craft. There are quite literally over 500 individual episodes that bare his mark, along with a dozen documentaries, government projects, and ad campaigns.

Despite his impressive television pedigree, Steve has spent a good portion of his time as an author, writing the contemporary science fiction novel 'Paper Heroes', as well as the popular 'Gavin Baller' series, and being published in Immortal Works newest Fairy Tale compilation, 'Of Fae and Fate'. He has directed almost a dozen short films, winning numerous international film awards in the process, including Best Screenplay and Best Director.

Steve always says that without a great script you can't have a great movie, and so he has worked for over a decade to sharpen his writing craft by penning several full-length scripts and prepping them for production. Between his short feature works, full movie manuscripts, and television writing, Steve has produced over one thousand scripts in the past twelve years, with the vast majority of them going into full production. Whether writing, producing, or directing, Steven Heumann has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in the television and film-making worlds.



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